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How to Step Up Your Linkedin Game with Professional Headshots

Standing out from the crowd can sometimes be difficult. In order to breathe a little life into your making-it-big dream in Toronto, it is important to create a personal branding plan that allows you to compete with others in the saturated job market.

The recent recession has left many individuals thinking about changing or advancing their careers. However, achieving these dreams can sometimes prove to be discouraging or frustrating, like a vision that will never come to realization. With an ever-saturated job market, how can someone stand out from the crowd and finally land that job he has always dreamed of? A great way to stand out is by getting Professional Headshots.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “How can professional headshots help?”. It is a fact that most recruiters do their recruiting through online channels. Long gone are the days where you could drop by the company and drop off your resume personally. Once a recruiter pulls up your resume online and look at your picture what will they see? Probably a grainy picture with bad lighting that instead of helping you achieve your dreams will make the recruiter never have to look at it again.

One of the largest recruiting channels online nowadays in LinkedIn, by having a strong online presence in LinkedIn we can ensure that recruiters will look at the best version of us.

What is the connection between personal branding and headshots?

Professional headshots are an essential element of every personal branding campaign; and the fact remains that when people look other people up in social media platforms like LinkedIn, the first thing they will look at is the profile picture. This is where headshots come in. By having a great-looking headshot, the recruiter will be compelled to further look into your profile and he will come to memorize a few things about you by associating your information to your profile.

Believe it or not, having a good headshot can make you or break you. Since a headshot will highlight you ace your focus should be on getting the best possible headshots you can get. A professional photographer will help you achieve your best look and once you have your foot in the door you can then seal the deal by having a great interview. Remember that the first impression is usually the last.

How to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level

Do not settle for the first headshot photographer in Toronto that you find. Shop around and remember that you will get what you pay for. If you settle for cheap-looking headshots you will fail to make a lasting impression, however –

  • Price does not necessarily mean quality. Review all your options and pick a photographer that won’t leave you begging for charity.
  • Do not drastically alter the way you look for the shot. It might be a good idea to look the best you can for the session, but if you drastically change your appearance, the recruiter might find himself disappointed when he meets you in real life.
  • Dress to impress. Wear colors that compliment you and help you stand out. Use darker colors to portray sophistication and avoid using washed out shades. Avoid loud patterns and complex designs.
  • Get professional help. Finding the help of a professional make-up artist will go a long ways towards looking the best you can.
  • Listen to your photographer. As he will help you find the poses and shots that will benefit you the most.

Having a great set of headshots will help you get that confidence boost that you need and it will give you a competitive edge that may finally help you land that job you’ve been looking for.

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