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Qualities of a Good Actor Headshot

20090327_destiny_0061Aspiring actors can greatly benefit from having a good headshot and might find it easier to land more gigs than those who don’t. A good headshot will be your business card and will also be the first thing that casting directors and potential employees will look at when going through your resume. Having a set of amateur headshots can be very detrimental to you career, which is why getting a good headshot with the qualities described in this article can really help you take your career to the next level.


Sahra PrietoCasting directors and producers go through hundreds, if not thousands of pictures a day. Since their lives are very hectic, they usually don’t look at a headshot for more than a few seconds. Since this is the time you have to make a lasting impression, it is very important that your headshot catches the director’s eye. This is one of the main reasons why headshots are different from portraits. The elements of photographic composition and posture come into play and can easily make or break a headshot.


webb_dodge6This is a common mistake by aspiring actors who are struggling to make ends meet. They’ll look at the prices for a photo session and find themselves dismayed at the prices, thinking they can get around it by having a relative or friends take the pictures with a bad camera. It is not hard to tell the difference between a professional and an amateur headshot and casting directors will instantly be able to tell the difference and assume you’re not serious about the job since you didn’t even bother getting headshots done professionally.


headshotDirectors will usually cast some people based solely on their appearance as that’s what they had originally envisioned for the character. If the headshots you submitted do not match your current look directors may dismiss you again because you don’t meet the expectations for the characters, this why submitting an outdated or heavily edited headshot is a terrible idea. Make sure your headshot matches your current look and directors will value your honesty.

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