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The Importance Of Professional Headshots For Actors

actor-headshotBeing an aspiring actor can sometimes be a very frustrating experience. With the job market being so competitive, you’ve probably come to realize how important a good actor headshot can be. A good headshot can land you the audition of your dreams and having the right headshot for you is one of the most important things you can do as an actor, since casting directors spend hours and hours flipping through hundreds of headshots it is important that your headshot stands out from the rest; If the headshot isn’t good enough, then you could potentially miss out on the audition because your photo was ignored.

How a good headshot can make you or break you

By reviewing your picture, casting directors can pick people for the roles they need based on appearance. The outside appearance is the first thing that will catch their attention, followed by an audition where the actor will get to showcase his acting skills; having your headshot regularly updated will give you a competitive edge over the other actors since your headshots will be accurate and will represent your current appearance.

Having a good headshot will impact the way the image the director has of you, and it will help him memorize a few details of your personality based on your appearance. After a long day of auditions the director will spend some time reviewing his favorite actors and this is where a good headshot will come into handy as he will associate your acting skills with your image.

If you are an actor who is barely breaking into the acting career, then it is likely that money is a concern. When money is tight, many actors are tempted to recruit their friends or relatives to take their headshots because a professional headshots session can get quite expensive. This decision will have a very negative effect on your chances of landing a job as the casting director will immediately know that this is an amateur headshot. Remember that a natural, great-looking headshot might be your ticket to constant quality work, which will ultimately bring in a nice stream of cash.

How to find the perfect headshot photographer

When actors are looking to hire a headshot photographer in Toronto they will usually ask around other people in the industry, word-of-mouth is still very valuable in this industry and people will usually be happy to refer you to their favorite photographer or studio, if you know other people in the industry it might be a good idea to ask them first.

Another way to look for photographers in Toronto is to search online using your favorite search engine. Make sure to search by specialty because not all photographers are trained to take headshots and making sure you get the right photographer will be hugely important.

It might be a good idea to look through the photographer’s portfolio to get a basic idea of what the photographer can do with the camera; a portfolio will give you a good insight into the style of the photographer as well as his techniques and composition effects.

Once you have located the correct photographer for you, call him up or visit his studio and discuss what you want to get out of the pictures, make sure you feel comfortable around him and this might be a good time to get acquainted with him as well if you intend on updating your headshots constantly.

Getting your headshots taken is one of the best decisions you can take as an actor. A good set of headshots will help you portray the image you’re trying to get across and land you more auditions.

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