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What Is The Difference Between Professional And Amateur Headshots?

a530dac4988e23a5d58d6d5e1a63a11fMaking a perfect first impression is a vital step towards getting more jobs as a professional. Having the correct headshots can make a huge difference in your career. A great headshot helps you portray the image that you want to share with the industry. Since first impressions are so significant, it is important to have the correct headshots that will help you make that lasting first impression that will ultimately help you land more jobs.

It is not hard to tell the difference between a professional and an amateur headshot. If you ask a relative or a friend to help you take headshots with your cell phone the person who sees them might think of you as being unprofessional or maybe he will think that you’re simply not that interested in the job. A great headshot, taken by a professional will help you look sharp and photogenic; the lighting will help you showcase your best features in your appearance and hide any defects.

Having a professional headshot will also help you make a lasting impression on a possible employer or interviewer. It is also likely that this person will come to associate your personality with a headshot, which will give you a better chance of landing that particular job in the long run.

When a person looks at a picture of you, they will want to remember a few details about you; more specifically your name and your face. If you are trying to advance your business career and you submit your headshots for the interview process, the recruiter will then easily become familiar with your face, he will subconsciously associate your traits and personality with your headshot and most importantly, your face will stand out from the rest. If your headshots look unprofessional or are simply not good he will dismiss your application simply based on the pictures you submitted.

In the case of actors and models headshots are of vital importance. Since their careers are very closely tied to their appearance it is important to take advantage of that short window of time when casting is being done and the staff goes through hundreds and hundreds of headshots. Once again, leaving a lasting impression in those short few seconds of exposure will help you land more jobs.

Why are professional headshots better than amateur?

thumbs_female-headshot-portrait-washington-dc-jana-3One of the hardest aspects to get right when it comes to headshots is the lighting, remember that what looks great in the studio doesn’t always look the same way once it’s been printed out. Many amateur photos can appear washed out or too dark because the picture was taken under the wrong lighting conditions.

Additionally posture and body position can make a huge difference in the quality of the photo. Since many amateur photographers don’t know the basics of photo composition, amateur headshots will usually end up looking un-flattering, harming the chances of landing jobs.

Finally, another huge element of great headshots is how natural the subject looks in the picture. If the subject looks awkward or unnatural, then the headshot won’t come out looking great. If you get your headshots taken by an amateur photographer, chances are he won’t know how to make you feel comfortable behind the camera, resulting in cheesy or fake-looking smiles and gestures. On the other hand, by looking natural, attractive and interesting headshots that portray a great smile and confident body language will help you improve the way you look. If you are thinking about getting headshots done in Toronto, make sure that you work with a professional photographer who will help you achieve the best results possible.

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