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How to Find the Perfect Photographer for Your Headshots

384-Edit-WebIt is easy to see how a professional headshot can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re providing a service, selling a product, job-hunting or trying to land an acting or modeling gig, it is important to have one perfect, professional headshot of yourself.

Nowadays, we all know that social media is king when it comes to promoting yourself, which is why it is very important to build a personal brand and have a presence online that will help potential clients or recruiter find you quickly. A picture of ourselves will help us build that human connection that can make or break a deal.

Let’s face the fact that not all of us look like professional models. Let’s also face the fact that despite what our Facebook friends might say, we are not professional photographers. If you go through the pictures that people upload to social media platforms you will find that most selfies are taken at bad angles, suffer from poor lighting, or look washed out. This is why getting the right professional photographer in Toronto that can help you take your personal brand to the next level is so important. Unfortunately, photography is one of those skills that people think don’t require much expertise. In reality, there’s a lot of thought and care that goes into a professional headshot photo.

A professional photographer will make sure the lighting is perfect. Lighting is one of the hardest aspects of photography to get right. Too little and the picture will end up looking gloomy and dark, while too much light will make your imperfections stand out.

Choosing the right angle will help us look great, and if the photo is taken from the correct angle, it will help our good features stand out. Since telling the difference between a professional and an amateur headshot is very easy to do, a good Toronto Headshot Photographer can help you portray the image that you really want to portray. Keep in mind that not only are headshots great for jobs, but dating as well! A great-looking headshot can help you land a romantic date. With Online dating being so popular these days, a good headshot can help you spruce up your dating profile.

Finding the right headshot photographer in Toronto can be quite confusing with so many options available. It goes without saying that the easiest way to do it would be going on google and hiring the first one that pops up. Keep in mind though, that word-of-mouth is also very valuable when looking for the right photographer, if you have worked with business associates who have had photos taken and who can refer you to a good photographer it might be worth it listening to them.


The Importance Of Professional Headshots For Actors

actor-headshotBeing an aspiring actor can sometimes be a very frustrating experience. With the job market being so competitive, you’ve probably come to realize how important a good actor headshot can be. A good headshot can land you the audition of your dreams and having the right headshot for you is one of the most important things you can do as an actor, since casting directors spend hours and hours flipping through hundreds of headshots it is important that your headshot stands out from the rest; If the headshot isn’t good enough, then you could potentially miss out on the audition because your photo was ignored.

How a good headshot can make you or break you

By reviewing your picture, casting directors can pick people for the roles they need based on appearance. The outside appearance is the first thing that will catch their attention, followed by an audition where the actor will get to showcase his acting skills; having your headshot regularly updated will give you a competitive edge over the other actors since your headshots will be accurate and will represent your current appearance.

Having a good headshot will impact the way the image the director has of you, and it will help him memorize a few details of your personality based on your appearance. After a long day of auditions the director will spend some time reviewing his favorite actors and this is where a good headshot will come into handy as he will associate your acting skills with your image.

If you are an actor who is barely breaking into the acting career, then it is likely that money is a concern. When money is tight, many actors are tempted to recruit their friends or relatives to take their headshots because a professional headshots session can get quite expensive. This decision will have a very negative effect on your chances of landing a job as the casting director will immediately know that this is an amateur headshot. Remember that a natural, great-looking headshot might be your ticket to constant quality work, which will ultimately bring in a nice stream of cash.

How to find the perfect headshot photographer

When actors are looking to hire a headshot photographer in Toronto they will usually ask around other people in the industry, word-of-mouth is still very valuable in this industry and people will usually be happy to refer you to their favorite photographer or studio, if you know other people in the industry it might be a good idea to ask them first.

Another way to look for photographers in Toronto is to search online using your favorite search engine. Make sure to search by specialty because not all photographers are trained to take headshots and making sure you get the right photographer will be hugely important.

It might be a good idea to look through the photographer’s portfolio to get a basic idea of what the photographer can do with the camera; a portfolio will give you a good insight into the style of the photographer as well as his techniques and composition effects.

Once you have located the correct photographer for you, call him up or visit his studio and discuss what you want to get out of the pictures, make sure you feel comfortable around him and this might be a good time to get acquainted with him as well if you intend on updating your headshots constantly.

Getting your headshots taken is one of the best decisions you can take as an actor. A good set of headshots will help you portray the image you’re trying to get across and land you more auditions.


Why Professional Headshots Are Important For Models

actress-headshotsAre you a model who is trying to break into the modeling industry? Modeling is an extremely competitive industry to get into and having the right set of skills, along with a great appearance will help you gain a competitive edge against other models trying to break into the industry.

One of the easiest things you can do to get an edge over other aspiring models is to get a great-looking set of headshots that highlight your features and make you stand out from the crowd.

But, what exactly are headshots?

Headshots are pictures of your face that help you show case your look. These headshots can be done in a very different number of ways; the most two com common are headshots of just the face or a composite image of several headshots in one card to showcase your different looks. These headshots are your presentation card when trying to land a gig as this is the first thing casting directors will see when scouting out possible models. It is virtually impossible to land a modeling job today without a great set of headshots.

The importance of headshots for models

Most modeling agencies will not even bother with you if you do not submit you headshots to them. You won’t even get into the door because they need these headshots so they can submit them to clients. It is also very important to upload your headshots to all your social media platforms in order to build an online presence and to make it easier for scouts to find you. By having a set of great-looking headshots people can associate certain traits of your personality to the way you look, which will ultimately build a lasting impression.

How to get the best possible headshots

I strongly advise any aspiring models to find a photographer with loads of experience in the field of headshots and successful clients. If they have helped other models take their careers to the next level they may be able to do the same for you. Make sure the photographer makes you feel natural and comfortable so that your headshots come out natural and make sure to bring different clothes to the session so that you and your photographer can work together to find the look that works for you. Hiring a professional make-up artist may also be a good idea.

Keep in mind that your headshots are going to be your business card and that in this industry people will heavily judge your appearance. If you work on it hard enough you should be able to use these headshots for different gigs in the future.


Picking the right outfit for you headshot session

actress-headshotsHeadshot are sort of a big deal for most people, whether it is to land an acting or modeling job, to improve your chances on online websites or to advance your career, headshots can greatly improve your chances of succeeding. In order to get a great set of headshots, it is important to hire the right photographer who makes you feel comfortable and has you looking great by helping you pick the right outfit for the session.

The outfit will depend greatly on the type of picture that is being taken. For instance, headshots can be casual, formal or unusual, whatever the case may be it is important for the subject to do a bit of research before the session.

Casual clothes

Headshot PhotographyCasual clothes are usually the easiest type of headshots to do as they are clothes that you would wear on an everyday basis and you should have plenty of casual attires in your closet already. a simple shirt or jacket can have you looking amazing under the right lighting. Make sure to stay away from tops that have large logos or designs on them as they will distract from your face, in fact many professional photographers advice against wearing clothes that are too flashy as the casting director will focus on your face.

Formal clothes

adult_acting_headshot_photograph_003One of the outfits you must be prepared to wear during your headshots session in toronto is formal clothing, things like a tailored shirt, jacket or blazer will go a long way towards improving your appearance, don’t forget to wear a tie (avoid flashy or complex patterns). Women can wear an elegant sweater or a cocktail dress that will bring out their facial features.

Unusual Clothing

Sometimes, castings for unusual characters will require the actor to wear unusual clothes, think a band member or a zombie for a horror film, regardless of the specific situation it is very important for the person to be prepared for any circumstances that may arise.

Taking special headshots is not an everyday thing for most people, by picking the right attire we can make sure that your headshots come out looking fantastic and improve your chances of finally landing that gig.


You may check Ultimate Guide to Decide What to Wear for a Headshots Session (powered by Hugh Saffar)in order to have a better understanding about the clothes for headshot sessions.


How to Get Perfect Photos for Your Real Estate Listing

Photo Credit: HS Media Toronto

Photo Credit: HS Media Toronto

People who are looking to buy real estate will usually get their first impression of a place through an online listing. This is where a good set of pictures can make or break the sale. Photos that are descriptive and give the interested person a good idea of what the place looks like, its surroundings and ultimately whether or not it is a good place to live. Having a fantastic set of pictures will increase the chances of closing a sale exponentially.

If you’re relying on a basic point-and-shoot camera or a cell phone camera to close your sale you may find yourself disappointed at the lack of prospects as the pictures will come out looking faded, washed out or simply unprofessional. Real Estate requires Real Estate Photography done by a professional in order to ensure that the quality is top-notch. Since these pictures will be used in brochures, flyers and online postings it is extremely important to make sure that the quality of the pictures is nothing short of perfect.

Hiring the right photographer for your property

Photo Credit: HS Media Toronto

Photo Credit: HS Media Toronto

It is very important to look for a photographer with plenty of experience in the field of real-estate photography. An expert will be able to showcase the best and most interesting features of the property you are trying to sell and will help you take your listing to the next level.

The importance of good lighting

how-to-prepare-your-house-for-photography-127One of the key elements in real estate photography -and photography in general- is lighting. An expert photographer will find a way to incorporate natural and artificial lighting to create stunning photographs. Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens will greatly benefit from good lighting.

Capturing points of interest

Photo Credit: HS Media Toronto

Photo Credit: HS Media Toronto

It is important to capture the points of interest and to have different shots as well. For example a shot of the Jacuzzi in the bathroom or of an antique mailbox can greatly help highlight the most interesting features of the property.

Real Estate Photos for Brochures

Photo Credit: HS Media Toronto

Photo Credit: HS Media Toronto

If you intend to use your photos in a brochure, it is really important that you will find someone who can make your pictures really stand out there. Since some editing might be necessary, a good photographer with experience in real estate will use editing tools to help you pictures stand above the rest.

It is important to have high-quality pictures from the beginning. Your brochure might be perfectly designed, cropped and super-imposed, but if the pictures are low quality then the brochure will come out looking amateurish.


Qualities of a Good Actor Headshot

20090327_destiny_0061Aspiring actors can greatly benefit from having a good headshot and might find it easier to land more gigs than those who don’t. A good headshot will be your business card and will also be the first thing that casting directors and potential employees will look at when going through your resume. Having a set of amateur headshots can be very detrimental to you career, which is why getting a good headshot with the qualities described in this article can really help you take your career to the next level.


Sahra PrietoCasting directors and producers go through hundreds, if not thousands of pictures a day. Since their lives are very hectic, they usually don’t look at a headshot for more than a few seconds. Since this is the time you have to make a lasting impression, it is very important that your headshot catches the director’s eye. This is one of the main reasons why headshots are different from portraits. The elements of photographic composition and posture come into play and can easily make or break a headshot.


webb_dodge6This is a common mistake by aspiring actors who are struggling to make ends meet. They’ll look at the prices for a photo session and find themselves dismayed at the prices, thinking they can get around it by having a relative or friends take the pictures with a bad camera. It is not hard to tell the difference between a professional and an amateur headshot and casting directors will instantly be able to tell the difference and assume you’re not serious about the job since you didn’t even bother getting headshots done professionally.


headshotDirectors will usually cast some people based solely on their appearance as that’s what they had originally envisioned for the character. If the headshots you submitted do not match your current look directors may dismiss you again because you don’t meet the expectations for the characters, this why submitting an outdated or heavily edited headshot is a terrible idea. Make sure your headshot matches your current look and directors will value your honesty.


What Is The Difference Between Professional And Amateur Headshots?

a530dac4988e23a5d58d6d5e1a63a11fMaking a perfect first impression is a vital step towards getting more jobs as a professional. Having the correct headshots can make a huge difference in your career. A great headshot helps you portray the image that you want to share with the industry. Since first impressions are so significant, it is important to have the correct headshots that will help you make that lasting first impression that will ultimately help you land more jobs.

It is not hard to tell the difference between a professional and an amateur headshot. If you ask a relative or a friend to help you take headshots with your cell phone the person who sees them might think of you as being unprofessional or maybe he will think that you’re simply not that interested in the job. A great headshot, taken by a professional will help you look sharp and photogenic; the lighting will help you showcase your best features in your appearance and hide any defects.

Having a professional headshot will also help you make a lasting impression on a possible employer or interviewer. It is also likely that this person will come to associate your personality with a headshot, which will give you a better chance of landing that particular job in the long run.

When a person looks at a picture of you, they will want to remember a few details about you; more specifically your name and your face. If you are trying to advance your business career and you submit your headshots for the interview process, the recruiter will then easily become familiar with your face, he will subconsciously associate your traits and personality with your headshot and most importantly, your face will stand out from the rest. If your headshots look unprofessional or are simply not good he will dismiss your application simply based on the pictures you submitted.

In the case of actors and models headshots are of vital importance. Since their careers are very closely tied to their appearance it is important to take advantage of that short window of time when casting is being done and the staff goes through hundreds and hundreds of headshots. Once again, leaving a lasting impression in those short few seconds of exposure will help you land more jobs.

Why are professional headshots better than amateur?

thumbs_female-headshot-portrait-washington-dc-jana-3One of the hardest aspects to get right when it comes to headshots is the lighting, remember that what looks great in the studio doesn’t always look the same way once it’s been printed out. Many amateur photos can appear washed out or too dark because the picture was taken under the wrong lighting conditions.

Additionally posture and body position can make a huge difference in the quality of the photo. Since many amateur photographers don’t know the basics of photo composition, amateur headshots will usually end up looking un-flattering, harming the chances of landing jobs.

Finally, another huge element of great headshots is how natural the subject looks in the picture. If the subject looks awkward or unnatural, then the headshot won’t come out looking great. If you get your headshots taken by an amateur photographer, chances are he won’t know how to make you feel comfortable behind the camera, resulting in cheesy or fake-looking smiles and gestures. On the other hand, by looking natural, attractive and interesting headshots that portray a great smile and confident body language will help you improve the way you look. If you are thinking about getting headshots done in Toronto, make sure that you work with a professional photographer who will help you achieve the best results possible.


How to Step Up Your Linkedin Game with Professional Headshots

Standing out from the crowd can sometimes be difficult. In order to breathe a little life into your making-it-big dream in Toronto, it is important to create a personal branding plan that allows you to compete with others in the saturated job market.

The recent recession has left many individuals thinking about changing or advancing their careers. However, achieving these dreams can sometimes prove to be discouraging or frustrating, like a vision that will never come to realization. With an ever-saturated job market, how can someone stand out from the crowd and finally land that job he has always dreamed of? A great way to stand out is by getting Professional Headshots.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “How can professional headshots help?”. It is a fact that most recruiters do their recruiting through online channels. Long gone are the days where you could drop by the company and drop off your resume personally. Once a recruiter pulls up your resume online and look at your picture what will they see? Probably a grainy picture with bad lighting that instead of helping you achieve your dreams will make the recruiter never have to look at it again.

One of the largest recruiting channels online nowadays in LinkedIn, by having a strong online presence in LinkedIn we can ensure that recruiters will look at the best version of us.

What is the connection between personal branding and headshots?

Professional headshots are an essential element of every personal branding campaign; and the fact remains that when people look other people up in social media platforms like LinkedIn, the first thing they will look at is the profile picture. This is where headshots come in. By having a great-looking headshot, the recruiter will be compelled to further look into your profile and he will come to memorize a few things about you by associating your information to your profile.

Believe it or not, having a good headshot can make you or break you. Since a headshot will highlight you ace your focus should be on getting the best possible headshots you can get. A professional photographer will help you achieve your best look and once you have your foot in the door you can then seal the deal by having a great interview. Remember that the first impression is usually the last.

How to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level

Do not settle for the first headshot photographer in Toronto that you find. Shop around and remember that you will get what you pay for. If you settle for cheap-looking headshots you will fail to make a lasting impression, however –

  • Price does not necessarily mean quality. Review all your options and pick a photographer that won’t leave you begging for charity.
  • Do not drastically alter the way you look for the shot. It might be a good idea to look the best you can for the session, but if you drastically change your appearance, the recruiter might find himself disappointed when he meets you in real life.
  • Dress to impress. Wear colors that compliment you and help you stand out. Use darker colors to portray sophistication and avoid using washed out shades. Avoid loud patterns and complex designs.
  • Get professional help. Finding the help of a professional make-up artist will go a long ways towards looking the best you can.
  • Listen to your photographer. As he will help you find the poses and shots that will benefit you the most.

Having a great set of headshots will help you get that confidence boost that you need and it will give you a competitive edge that may finally help you land that job you’ve been looking for.